The Wall Street Bull in the financial district in Manhattan, New York. (Credit: Sam valadi/Flickr)

Financial capitalism and the future

Donald Trump’s election victory can be seen as the culmination of a series of events including the May 2016 presidential elections in the Philippines...
Frank-Walter Steinmeier welcomes Sergey Lavrov at the 23rd OSCE Ministerial Council in Germany. Hamburg, December 2016. (Credit: Golden Brown/Bigstock)

Restarting the dialogue for European peace?

Anyone who wishes to make a realistic judgment of the chances for a successful, European-led initiative to resolve worldwide geopolitical tensions must begin by...
Activists demonstrate against free trade agreements between the EU and the US in Bulgaria. Sofia, October 2016. (Credit: Belish/Bigstock)

Glocalism: Beyond nationalism and internationalism

What does the term ‘glocalism’ mean? Obviously, it is composed of two words, localism and globalism. But one should note how the words are...
The main domestic issues for Azerbaijan — often labelled a 'post-Soviet rentier state'— are corruption, nepotism, and the curse of the petro-states. (Credit: Marco Fieber/Flickr)

European energy security: Challenges in diversifying and decarbonising

European energy supply security has long been a geopolitical and geo-economic issue and has become a key concern for the EU. Over the last...
Behind the Great Firewall. (Credit: Mike Licht/Flickr)

The new multipolarity of the digital future

For a long time, a drastic new chapter for civil society –  digitalisation – was indelibly linked to the United States. The socio-normative force...
The United Nations building in New York. (Credit: palinchak/Bigstock)

Never again: Demands for a new global security architecture

From its very beginning, the system of collective security established under the United Nations Charter has been dysfunctional. In the post-World War Two era, global...
Lago Agrio Ecuador: Road through the jungle in the oil production region of the country. (Credit: Quasarphoto/Bigstock)

Reading ‘migration and mobility’ in Latin America

Words carry the weight of civilisations, of ways of seeing, being, and understanding but also of classifying, categorising, simplifying, homogenising, and even controlling. ‘Latin America’...
Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi speaks on ending extreme poverty at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival in New York City. (Credit: Debby Wong/Bigstock)

Policy alternatives for reducing inequality

Over the last three decades, pro-growth neoliberal policies have been followed by many developing countries as part of structural adjustment programmes, at the behest...
Friendship Bridge, Macau (Credit: ti_to_tito/Bigstock)

New media for a dialogue of civilisations

China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative to not only provide a new international development framework focused on enhanced cooperation between China and Eurasia,...

The diplomatic revolution in Europe

We often hear that Americans and Europeans share the same values, such as democracy, freedom, and the rule of law. This is certainly true....


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