What will be the impact of the US Embassy’s move to Jerusalem?

A festive opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem was held on Monday, 14 May 2018. The transfer of the embassy from Tel Aviv is an intermediate result...

UNESCO Survey 2017: Educational institutions and the media to lead the way to better intercultural communication

The UNESCO Survey on intercultural dialogue 2017 sought to evaluate the conceptual understanding of intercultural dialogue across member states and the extent to which this impacts current policy and...

The rise and fall of socialism

Socialist taxonomy The term ‘socialism’ is relatively recent, appearing for the first time some 200 years ago in 1827 in the Co-operative Magazine in writings by some followers of Robert...

The Armenian protests were just that: Armenian

When a social movement is successful in achieving its goals it's easy to look beyond the protesters and their calls for change. However, the voices of civil society are...




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Jeffrey Haynes
Jeffrey Haynes
Professor of Politics, Director of Faculty Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion, Conflict and Cooperation
Vladimir Maliavin
Vladimir Maliavin
Doctor of historical sciences, Expert on China