Dialogue of Civilizations Deepens Ties in China with Peking University


21 March 2017 A DOC delegation led by Chairman of the Dialogue of Civilizations (DOC) Research Institute Supervisory Board, Dr, Vladimir Yakunin, visited Peking University (PKU) to meet with PKU Council Chairman Hao Ping and Vice President Li Yansong.

Mr Hao praised the vision shown in establishing the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute in Berlin, and suggested that joint research projects could include the exchange of teachers, faculties, and students between PKU and Moscow National State University. In addition, it was suggested that the Beijing Forum and the Rhodes Forum could support each other.

The Beijing Forum possesses first-class interdisciplinary academic scholars, resources, and networks, while the Rhodes Forum is more concerned with world political issues and focuses on sustainable and inclusive global developments. The two forums share the same belief in dialogue of civilisations, so close cooperation would create an enhanced academic environment and a path of exchange for improvements in joint research results.

Dr. Vladimir Yakunin responded positively to Mr. Hao’s suggestions, and they talked at length on the possibilities for future collaboration. Discussion also explored ways in which PKU, the Beijing Forum, and the Song Qingling Foundation could work together to develop educational projects, including summer school programmes.

Both sides share a belief in the dialogue of civilisations, and aim to educate students in all fields on the importance of international corporation and human-oriented development.

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