DOC Research Institute Call for Papers: Spring 2017


The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) is happy to announce the Spring 2017 Call for Papers. We are waiting for Special Reports & Expert Comments for three general topics – infrastructure development, economics, policies&institutions.

How does the development of infrastructure promote social and economic justice? How can national and international infrastructure projects reduce inequality and promote both sustainable development and environmental flourishing?

More infomation and Guidelines.

How do non-mainstream approaches respond to the present neo-liberal economic model’s failure? Which economic strategies would help make societies more resilient and allow forinclusion, justice, and fairness? How can we foster a new economic system based on core human values?

More information and Guidelines.

How can we evaluate the failures and successes of International Development Agencies? How can we measure results in a fair and responsible way?  How can we re-envision IDAs and their mission to ensure success in the twenty-first century?

More information and Guidelines.

Hurry up! Brief proposal submission deadline is April 21 2017.