Dr. Alexey Malashenko on Russia’s Military Activity Abroad and Problems at Home

Dr. Alexey Malashenko, DOC RI expert, talks to DOC TV about Russia’s domestic challenges and international actions.

Malashenko argues that the Russian elites are looking to focus attention on Russia’s international interests and to cement its reputation as a ‘Great Power’ despite domestic economic and social difficulties.

He also discusses what Russia really stands to gain, if anything, from a Trump presidency. He notes that initial optimism over prospects for Russia-US relations has been replaced by a more realistic, and uncertain, view – although the room for improvement remains broader than under President Obama.

Malashenko stresses that any solution to the Syrian problem has to take into account the situation in Iraq and factor in the main players in the region. The situation in the Middle East today, compared to during the cold war when decisions were taken in Moscow and Washington, is more complex – as this multipolar world exists and solutions are difficult to find.

Dialogue is, Malashenko says, a recognition of differences between civilizations, that is vital to interaction and conflict resolution.


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