The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute Becomes a Friend of the Berlin State Opera


Berlin: The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) is pleased to announce that it has become a Friend of the Berlin State Opera, supporting productions by both the Berlin State Opera and the Berliner Staatskapelle. The DOC sees this engagement as helping to provide a platform for international artists to perform in Berlin.

CEO Pooran Pandey explains: “The DOC recognises that supporting culture means strengthening humanity and strengthening humane values. Culture provides inspiration without prescribing norms. By supporting culture, the DOC highlights the diversity of life that is produced when tradition and modernity are combined, something that the DOC very much identifies with.”

The Dialogue of Civilizations stands for supporting human values and dialogue among civilizations, dialogue among cultures, among traditional and modern values, and among generations.

The Berlin State Opera is a German opera company based in Berlin. It was founded in 1742 as the Hofoper (Court Opera) and later Königliches Opernhaus (Royal Opera House), and is one of the most renowned opera companies worldwide.