Pooran Pandey launches CEO series


CEO of Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute Pooran Pandey is launching his CEO series – in which he comments on current events and topical issues. His first piece is headlined “Sustainability in the Twenty First Century: Localising Global Goals”.

“Businesses have realised that sustainability is no longer merely the subject of discussion at a conceptual level, it has moved beyond that stage and is now regarded as good business sense, since it creates robust processes that ensure businesses are sustainable long-term sustainable, “ CEO Pooran Pandey says in his first article, in which he looks at sustainability processes today through the prism of Indian businesses.

Pooran Pandey plans to write a series of 24 articles, that will be published in 2017. His next CEO commentary will be published next Friday, and deals with “Democratising Development with State, Business, and Community in Tow”.

This CEO commentary series covers subjects that are both relevant on a global scale, and prominent within current intellectual debates. The articles cover areas including technology, humanity, globalization, the economy, society, and conflict. Be it politics, economics, or society, on regional or global levels – the DOC’s CEO series will combine readable and compact analysis with a broad, unprejudiced view of numerous issues, some of which may shape the future of the planet.