The first meeting of the Bundestag will be held in the next 30 days


In Germany, parliamentary elections were held. The victory was won by the conservative bloc of Angela Merkel, gaining 33 percent of the vote. Thus, Merkel will remain as Chancellor and heads the government for the fourth time. The social Democrats are entrenched on the second line. But the main sensation of the elections was the success of right-wing party «Alternative for Germany».

Although the crowd loudly chanted her name, it’s on their fans did not even look, said «TV Center». Encouraging colleagues in the party, Angela Merkel is silently proceeded to the podium. Standing on stage with my colleagues, the Chancellor almost was not smiling. Yes, the HDZ won. But showed the worst result in years. It is not only a question of image. Her party lost not just the interest – a few dozen seats in the Bundestag. The Union of the CDU/CSU hoped for at least 36%, which is a little. But the final figure was even lower at 33%.

«There’s nothing to say, we were hoping for a better result. But the CDU remains the strongest party. Thank you with all my heart. Throughout the campaign, it was fun,» said Angela Merkel.
Fun is not the word. The entire September meeting Merkel with voters accompanied by meetings where the Chancellor was booed, yelled «go away» and even pelted with tomatoes. The Chancellor tried to win votes by convincing the Germans that they live as good as ever. It turned out, not all. The unemployment rate in Germany is minimal, but wages are hardly growing. Sounds crazy, but the country is seriously discussing child poverty: many people simply can not be solved on the child. Only the kindergarten for a month is 600 euros, what to say about housing. At the same time, out of pocket the Germans have to pay for refugees. They are no longer on the streets, but they have not gone away. All this and provided the main sensation of the elections – 13.5% of the «Alternative for Germany». For the first time in 70 years the seats in the Bundestag is right and there will be a third force. The party will not be able to make decisions, but will have the right to demand a report from the MPs will become Chairman of the budget Committee.
«Dear friends, this is a great day in the history of our party. We did it! We in the German Parliament and we will change this country», — said the leader of the «Alternative for Germany» Alexander Gauland.

While the party-a scandal was celebrated in Berlin the victory, gathered the indignant Germans. Protests swept across the country. But the choice of 13% of the citizens have to take. Now the big question is how the distribution of power in the Bundestag. The CDU/CSU lost its majority and unable to form a government. We need to seek allies. The social Democrats could enter a coalition, but the SPD received only some 20%. Martin Schulz has already said that going into opposition. The logical solution: allow the party to score points before the next election.
«Today is a hard and bitter day for the history of the social democratic party. We have not reached the goal. But this percentage will allow us to fight for their principles before the next election,» said Schultz.

Neither «Alternative» nor «Leftist», which also took place in the Bundestag, the Union coalition, of course, will not enter. There is one option.
«The most likely is the Union of the CDU, CSU and Free Democrats. Most likely, we will see the so-called «Jamaica coalition», where, in addition to the listed parties, will include more «Green», — the expert of research Institute «Dialogue of civilizations» Thomas Fasbender.
German parties traditionally have their own color, hence the exotic name. Green and Free Democrats, with whom Merkel will now have to negotiate, still silent. Now we know only one thing: the first post-election meeting of the Bundestag must take place no later than 30 days. It is also clear that this fourth time will be the most difficult for Merkel.
Eugene Brown, Ilya Ushakov, «TV Center», Germany, Berlin