Call for Research Proposals


Research at the DOC

By applying the paradigm of Dialogue of Civilization as both theoretical framework and methodology, we identify the most pressing issues we are facing now, and we explore and offer global policy makers and major multi-national corporations practical advice and solutions on six research themes:

• East and West: Bridging the Postmodern Identity Gap
• Civilisations Against the Threat of Social Barbarism
• Life Space for Humanity: Protecting the Humane in Human Beings
• Infrastructure as the Backbone of Global Inclusive Development
• Policies, Institutions, and Progress for Global Inclusive Development
• The Economics of Post-Modernity: When Conventional Models Fail

Through our research, publications, and research activities, we aim to suggest alternative social, economic, and political models for regional and global sustainable development.
Research projects adhere to the research topics and themes identified by the DOC Research Institute. The process for research topic publications is as follows:

Research Projects

Research projects at the DOC are established in accordance with the following procedure:
1. A project description is reviewed and approved by an expert committee of internal staff and external expert members. This is a memo of 5-10 pages outlining the concept of the study and the major papers to be written by in-house researches and outside experts (to be commissioned by internal Research Topic Leaders in collaboration with Research Directors), as well as names of prospective authors (10-20 papers and authors).
2. Projects plan to result in a publication of a book or a special issue of an academic journal. Most papers are published on the DOC Research Institute website as expert comments or special reports and many papers aim to become chapters in a book (or a special issue of a journal).
3. The project has a narrow focus and, most importantly, contains a concept note and hypotheses to be tested and approved/rejected.
4. If the project is approved, it is the right and responsibility of the Lead Research Director to commission papers (special reports and expert comments) and to approve them for publication.

Call for Research Proposals

The DOC assesses research proposals by internal and external researchers.
If you would like to submit a research proposal, please write to by 10th November 2017, specifying which of the DOC’s broad research themes your proposal is appropriate to, and attaching a project description in accordance with the guidelines above.