New DOC special report: ‘Vertical barbarism’


The DOC Research Institute has published its fifth special report, authored by Alexey Malashenko, Research Director, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute; Yuly Nisnevich, Professor, Department of Political Science at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow; and Andrei Ryabov, Lead Researcher, Primakov Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The authors develop the concept of vertical barbarism, a twofold combination of society’s struggle to humanely adapt to technological advancements, on one hand, and the political response of the masses to their exclusion from the material benefits of contemporary capitalism, on the other hand.

They argue that barbarism is reproduced as a by-product of progress and development – not simply the ‘horizontal’ destructive clashes between different groups, but also the ‘vertical’ tensions that originated in the newly ‘mass’ societies of the early twentieth century.

The current ‘wave of barbarism’ can be seen as a systemic response to the crisis of capitalism. The authors draw from the twentieth-century history as they trace the emergence of vertical barbarism from the pre-War period, through the emergence of the European welfare state, to post-industrial network society and globalisation.

The topic is part of the DOC research topic, ‘Civilisations again the threat of social barbarism’.



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