The Dialogue of Civilizations group of organisations is in the process of opening a center in New Delhi, India and will expand its activities to South Asia and Africa in 2018. DOC India will become an integral part of the DOC Group, while Pooran Chandra Pandey will be appointed the head of DOC India, remaining a member of the DOC Group Executive Board.

“There are currently new opportunities on issues of key relevance between the European Union and Asia around trade, commerce, education and cultural exchanges between the two powerful regions. The EU´s new focus on Africa following the G20 of this year also gives the DOC a space to combine its broad strategy around EU, Asia and Africa while developing an innovative work plan and executing the same out of New Delhi,” explains Pandey.

Until the Supervisory Board appoints the Global CEO of DOC Group, Dr. Jiahong Chen will be the acting CEO of DOC: “I look forward to expanding my dedication to the DOC. The past year and a half has been an incredible opportunity for the entire DOC Research Institute to build and witness its considerable progress.” Dr. Chen has contributed extensively to building the research and publishing activity of DOC and leading the DOC’s development in China.