Protests in Iran. What’s next? – Vladimir Sazhin gives lecture in Moscow Office


On February 6, the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute’s Moscow office hosted a speech by Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Vladimir Sazhin on the topic of protests in Iran, which began at the end of 2017 and remain ongoing.

“The protests were fragmented to a considerable extent, and for now it is not possible to speak of a unified opposition movement. The split within the Iranian political elite, which is considered to be one of the protests’ causes, poses a serious challenge for the country.”

Sazhin doubts that the protests will lead to regime change but says they could lead to serious political change inside the country. He explained that the Rouhani government has done a lot economically, but that Iranian activity in Iraq, Syria and Yemen “distracted a lot of resources, which a big part of the population cannot identify with”.

An extended article will be published soon.