Identity formation in the Postmodern era


How is the identity constructed and how does this impact our personal, political, social and economic behaviour?

How does this impact national and global politics?

These questions will be raised during DOC’s Roundtable on Identity Construction on 25th April at the DOC RI offices in Berlin. It is the first out of a series dealing with the four dimensions of human space: the self, society, nature, and the spiritual world.  The goal of this Roundtable Series will be to develop a comprehensive ‘dialogue of civilisations’ theory.

Identities are formed in the context of dynamic social and cultural norms, and in turn affect the development of broader paradigms that influence trans-civilisational dialogue. This roundtable will provide a cross-cultural examination of the foundation of humanity: the ‘self’. How we relate to one another, the natural world, and how transcendental, philosophical, and religious beliefs are developed across cultures begins with our relationship to ourselves.

Among the speakers are:

  • Professor Christian Haerpfer, President of the World Values ​​Survey Association, Institute of Political Science at the University of Wein, will be presenting the 2017 findings of the World Values Survey, the only scientifically rigorous study that measures worldwide public opinion on values and value-related identities.
  • Professor Fabio Petito is one of the foremost scholars on the Dialogue of Civilisations theoretical framework, primarily in the area of International Relations.
  • Professor Edward Demenchonok, Professor of Foreign Languages and Philosophy at Fort Valley State University
  • Professor Kira Preobrazhenskaya, Head of the Department of Philosophical Anthropology and Public Communications, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.
  • Professor Constantin von Barloewen, Head of the research project on The Ambivalence of Progress in the Diversity of World Cultures with Volkswagen Foundation, the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin for Social Sciences (WZB), and United Nations. Constantin von Barloewen is one of the world’s most renown anthropologists. His research is focused on the diversity of world cultures and religions in the age of globalisation and the cultural-anthropological prerequisites of modernity.
  • Dr. Valery Znoev, Executive director, Center for International Humanitarian Cooperation
  • Heather Brown, Research Associate, DOC RI, former researcher at Pew Research Center and Georgetown University’s Arab Studies Institute.

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