Mark Farha comments on the political situation in the Middle East

Topics: EAST - WEST

Mark Farha, an Associate Fellow of the University of Bielefeld and former Senior Associate Member at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford, comments on the political situation in the Middle East for DOC-TV. While the roots of ethno-sectarian conflict in the Middle East are manifold, there is little doubt that the concocted ‘new cold war’ between the United States and Russia has further fanned the flames in Syria and across the region. Conversely, one might be prone to ask to what degree the eruption of the Arab Uprisings and civil war in Syria has invited US-Russian competition over regional spheres of influence, if not hegemony. And how might a revised US-Russian relationship positively contribute to a de-escalation of the (proxy) conflict in Syria and the region at large? Is the Lebanese model a model for Syria? According to Mark Farha, a rapprochement between Moscow and Washington is a precondition for bringing stability in the Middle East.


Lecture at DOC Research Institute overview:
Middle East expert Mark Farha gives lecture at DOC RI