Berlin. “A doctor calls his patient” Hello, I have two news for you: one is bad, the other terrible. “” Tell me first the bad guy. “” After your analysis you are seriously ill and if we are If she does not do it within three days, she will die. “And the terrible one?” “I tried to follow it on the phone for three days.” So began with a joke in Russia the meeting with Andrey Kortunov in the Berlin office of the “Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute”. to break the ice, but also to come immediately to the center of tension between the West and Russia : the lack of communication. In the days of the Cold War it was not so, recalls the Director of the Russian Council for International Affairs (Riac) and at this rate we risk playing the contracts of commencement of disarmament treaties
The great frost between Moscow and fallen to the West, does not lose Kortunov’s provocative taste.

“I arrived from Vienna in Berlin: I was glad that I was in Austria, a neutral country, in those hours when the military incident between the US and Russia was touched in the Mediterranean.” The tension is rising, Syria is the new scene A battle over the intervening militia and Europe does not know how to move. But from Europe (and above all from Angela Merkel’s Germany), the dialogue has to start anew, according to the Russian scientist. In apparent contradiction, Kortunov extends a red carpet to the chancellor’s hours after placing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the freezer, saying that a doubling of the pipeline by 55 billion cubic meters of gas is not possible without clarify what role Kiev will play in the project. “It is not possible that Ukraine has no importance for the transit of gas because of Nord Stream 2,” said the Chancellor. “Even in Italy you found hypocritical criticism of the project on the South Stream, while Germany has already asked to duplicate Nord Stream,” he told the Kortunov Sheet. “Merkel is interested in doubling the pipeline, but at the same time he knows that he has to represent all of Europe,” for whom he walks with the feet of the leadership. “