DOC plugs into Harvard alumni community digital leadership reunion


15 May 2018, Moscow: The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute joined an online all-day reunion event for the global Harvard Business School (HBX) alumni community. The event aimed to bring together international faculty, experts, and alumni, to explore the challenges and opportunities that today’s business leaders face.

HBX alumni across the globe tuned in for the live event, which ran live for just under 7 hours and drew over 53,000 views. It was one of 25 events globally that are part of ConneXt Live, which took place over the past weekend.

DOC’s Moscow Office was glad to be able to host Russia-based participants. Before the linkup went live, Grigory Levchenko gave local HBX alumni community participants an overview of the DOC Research Institute’s main areas of international research and operations.

During the event, Professor Bharat Anand led a lively discussion into digital platforms and online movements that have taken advantage of the digital space, in his session titled Digital 2.0.

Participants explored why some digital campaigns take off and gain global traction, while others do not. Key factors underlying this digital amplification were identified, and include connectivity, simplicity, resonance, fun, and the involvement of influencers and celebrities. The session also discussed responses and responsibility of businesses with regard to these key issues.

Throughout the day, leading faculty staff engaged HBX alumni across the globe in live online discussion of new digital challenges and opportunities for business, society, and individuals.

Professor Forest Reinhardt continued the theme, looking at Purpose 2.0, Professor Joshua Margolis explored Leadership 2.0., and Professor V.G. Naranyan’s thoughtful talk entitled Values 2.0 asked participants to consider values, integrity, and leadership.

Other sessions included a discussion of The Future of Work, Personal Growth, and Influence. A full agenda can be found on the Harvard Business School site.

Videos of the event can be found on HBX’s Facebook page, and on the HBX business blog. Pictures can be found here.