Roundtable: What is extremism? Interpretations by religious traditions


On May 16 2018, the DOC Research Institute and the Sociology Department of Tomsk State University jointly organized a round table on “What is Extremism? Interpretations by Religious Traditions’ Followers” in Tomsk, Siberia. The event was moderated by Associate Professor of Sociology, Roman Bykov and included representatives of the Muslim, Buddhist, Orthodox, Catholic, Judaic, Mormon and Vedic communities of Tomsk. The participants discussed the ways in which spiritual communities could address issues of radicalization and extremism at different levels of society. The main aim of the round table was to establish a dialogue between representatives of different religious and spiritual traditions to support awareness of threats of extremism. The various scientific experts joined the representatives of the various spiritual communities in sharing their research on the phenomenon of extremism and its negative impact on society and discussing possible programs of extremism prevention. DOC Research Institute Senior Researcher Nikita Konopaltsev presented a report on the principles of dialogue of civilizations for building peaceful cooperation and preventing extremism in complex societies.