Vladimir Yakunin visits the Astana Economic Forum


Astana: The Economic Forum in Astana was recently transformed into the Global Challenges Summit. The summit was opened by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who stated that: 

“The current forum is aimed at finding effective answers to global challenges.Today time has acquired an unprecedented density.The world is changing at an incredible speed, once again in front of the fork, depending on what it turns out, what does humanity expect: an era of prosperity or a period of stagnation”.

This closely resembles the activities of DOC RI and the presentation of DOC RI Founder and Chairman, Vladimir Yakunin, entitled ‘How to prevent World War III’.

After the summit, Yakunin discussed his book, The Treacherous Path, mentioning that “If Nazarbayev had accepted the offer to become the Prime Minister of the USSR in 1991, we would live in another world today.”

Yakunin noted that the world’s crises are of a systemic nature and now, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of human capital.

“And today I would add that this crisis is anthropological. Because they start talking about values, about the collision of values. We immediately talk about the anthropological content of this crisis. From this point of view, I believe his speech, and your question, the answers should draw attention to putting the person at the heart of the matter”, stated Yakunin.