Art for dialogue


This year the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute supported the prestigious Musical Olympus Charity Ball, which took place on 2-3 June 2018 at the Catherine Palace in Saint Petersburg.

The Musical Olympus Ball has been held annually since 1999 and gathers the élite of Russian art, business, and politics. International guests from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the US, Japan, and other countries also joined.

In the framework of the ball, DOC Research Institute held a charity auction. With many of the items provided by Bernd Luz, a contemporary visual artist from Germany. The series of pop art paintings were based on the theme ‘European cities’. Five lots with images of Paris, Rome, Berlin, and other cities. The charity auction was held to support the mission of DOC Research Institute. DOC Chairman, Vladimir Yakunin was quoted as saying:

“Throughout the history of the Dialogue of Civilizations initiative, dating back to 2002, art has been one of the main themes that has joined our organisation with Musical Olympus. The Dialogue of Civilizations at its conferences stands for building bridges of comprehension and understanding. The Musical Olympus Festival shows at its events the power of art, the power of culture, the power of music, which makes people compassionate and kindhearted. When dialogue meets art a new quality is born: a sense of trust and unification for the common good of all humankind. It is something that is rarely found these days in modern society. This sense of mutual trust and compassion is what drives our joint events”.

All the participants of the auction made invaluable investments to the development of DOC Research Institute, which is funded through donations and grants and is independent from any national government. The partnership between DOC and Musical Olympus is aimed at making the world a more sustainable, inclusive, and fairer place for generations to come because. DOC Research Institute believes that an open, mutually respectful, and equitable dialogue is the fundamental prerequisite for effective cooperation and partnership between nations and cultures.

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