DOC co-founder Peter W. Schulze publishes book on multipolarity


The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute is proud to announce that the publishing of Peter W Schulze’s book, Multipolarity: The promise of disharmony, via Campus.

The book deals with the central question of whether the emerging multipolar order can provide security and welfare for the international community and asks whether we will see a continuation of policies based on narrow national interests, being bound to reawaken memories of the bipolar Cold War era and its proxy wars.

Twelve authors from the US, Russia, Europe, and China analyse what the multipolar world order could bring about and how it will affect the predominant powers in the international system.

The editor, Peter W. Schulze, is a German political scientist with a focus on international relations, Russia, the CIS, the Cold War, and contemporary power constellations in the international state system. He is a member of the German-Russian Forum (Germany), the International Institute of Liberal Politics (Austria), the Institute of European Law (Germany), the Naturschutzbund Deutschland  , and is co-founder of the Schlangenbader Gespräche on political security in Europe. He has published widely on domestic aspects of transformation processes in Eastern Europe.

Some of the volume’s contributing authors, including Richard Sakwa, Adrian Pabst, Alexey Gromyko, as well as Peter W. Schulze himself, will be speakers at the ​Dialogue of Civilizations Rhodes Forum on 5-6 October and will contribute to a panel titled ‘From deadlock to solutions: Towards a comprehensive Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian peace and security order’.

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