Exhibition Exile Voices by REZA and refugee children being shown during Rhodes Forum


Convinced of the power of image to effect social change, the photojournalist Reza has consistently worked to empower people in vulnerable situations by his time creating training programs of various types throughout the world. In December 2013, Reza traveled to a Syrian refugee camp located in Iraqi Kurdistan as part of reportage commissioned by French German TV Arte. He established a photography workshop for children of the Kawergosk refugee camp aged from ten to fifteen years old. That project birthed what is now Exile Voices, where Reza provides workshops for youths in refugee camps, and later Urban Voices, which addresses young people living in difficult suburbs or inner cities throughout the world.

Exhibition Exile Voices by REZA and refugee children being shown during Rhodes Forum 1

Mohammad Husein
15 years old when the photography workshop was launched.
Syrian Refugee Camp, Kawergosk, Iraqi Kurdistan.
Highly symbolic portrait of a refugee child in front of one of the tents of the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency).
A highly talented photographer, Mohammad Husein had to leave the Kawergosk camp to work in the city of Erbil as a packer in order to help out his family. He took his camera with him.
Photograph part of the five-year project Exile Voices, launched in December 2013 by Reza to offer children living in refugee camps photography training.

He designed the project and maintains it with the help of his team at Reza Visual Academy, a non-profit organisation based in Paris. He regularly goes to project sites to encourage and motivate youth.

The Exile Voices project had a second training in workshop in Kabarto and another one in Arbat. Since 2013, more than 60 children have been trained in the language of image.

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute will show some of the pictures taken by Syrian refugee children from Kawergosk camp in Iraqi Kurdistan during the Rhodes Forum, happening from 5-6 October 2018 on the Greek island. They have been part of exhibitions presented in several locations, including Duhok University (Iraqi Kurdistan), the banks of the Seine river in Paris, and at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

Exhibition Exile Voices by REZA and refugee children being shown during Rhodes Forum 2

2004. Afghanistan. Pashtun Tribal Zone. Portrait of an Afghan girl.
2004. Afghanistan. Zone tribale pachtoune. Portrait d’une fillette afghane.

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