Rhodes Forum 2018 Gallery


October, 5 2018. Welcome addresses & Opening Panel

Rhodes Forum 2018

Group Photo

October, 5 2018. Press Conference

Panel 1. “The Middle Eastern Paradigm of Conflict: Only One Solution is Impossible”


October, 5. Round-table #1. “From Deadlock to Solutions: Towards a Comprehensive Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian Peace and Security Order”

October 5, Round table #2.“The Role of Private Sector and Foundations in Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Multipolarity”

October, 5. Exhibition Exile Voices by REZA and refugee children

Meet and engage with Dialogue of Civilizations

October, 6. Summit on Africa

October 6, Leaders Club

October 6, Panel 3. “Digital Future of Humanity: Impact of Technological Progress on Economy, Cyber Security and Social Values”

October, 6. Trusted Sources: Media in the Age of Post-Truth Politics

October, 6. Round-table #3. “Hegemonies and Counter-hegemonies: the New Global Distribution of Power and Influence”

October, 5-6. Miscellaneous