DOC Research Institute contributes to the ‘Roundtable of Global Review: How to Deal with an Era of Strategic Instability and Uncertainty’?

Shanghai SIIS conference, Andrey Filippov

On 7 November, the ‘Roundtable of Global Review: How to Deal with an Era of Strategic Instability and Uncertainty’? was hosted by leading Chinese think tank, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS).

The conference opened with a welcome address from ZHOU Hanmin, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee, and SIIS President, CHEN Dongxiao. YANG Jiemian, Chairman of SIIS Academic Affairs Council gave the keynote speech.

The speakers and participants included H.E. Mogens LYKKETOFT, former Minister and Speaker of the Danish Parliament and former  President of the UN General Assembly; H.E. Jorge E. TAIANA, former Foreign Minister of Argentina; Sergey GLAZYEV, Counsellor of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation and full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Jusuf WANANDI, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the CSIS Foundation in Jakarta; Bates GILL, Professor of Asia-Pacific Security Studies at Macquarie University; Garth le Pere, Professor at the University of Pretoria; CUI Liru, President Emeritus of China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations; XU Jian, Vice President of the China Institute of International Studies; WANG Jian, Director of the Institute of International Relations of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; WANG Wei, Dean of the Institute of Belt and Road Security Studies of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and leading scholars of SIIS attended the roundtable. DOC Research Institute was represented by Andrey Filippov, Chief Program Manager.

Shanghai SIIS conference

Experts and policy makers discussed such topics as ‘The Dilemma of Multilateralism and the Way Out for Global Governance’, ‘Opportunities and Challenges of Alleviating the Nuclear Issues in North Korea and Iran’, and ‘Strategic Competition among Major Countries in the New Era and the Prospect of Strategic Stability’.

Founded in 1960, SIIS is a government-affiliated think tank dedicated to informing government decision-making by conducting policy-oriented studies in world politics, economics, foreign policy, and international security.

Since 2016, Dr. Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, is member of the International Advisory Council of SIIS. On 6 November, the Annual Meeting of Advisors was held in Shanghai. CHEN Dongxiao delivered a one-year review of the key activities of SIIS, and participants presented proposals on future cooperation and topics for research projects in 2019.

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