Rhodes Forum 2018 Review

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute’s Rhodes Forum 2018, ‘Making Multilateralism Work: Enhancing Dialogue on Peace, Security, and Development’, which was held 5-6 October, brought together policy-makers from across the world in a spirit of open dialogue and enquiry, to consider current challenges, promote innovative ideas, and identify new approaches and new trends.

This flagship event is rooted in Dialogue of Civilizations’ work carried out over the past 16 years. Over this time, the forum has built a well-deserved reputation for being the place that identifies future challenges before they emerge, and for bringing together different perspectives with the aim of achieving real breakthroughs on ongoing issues.

Climate change, resource and infrastructure inequality, the rise of radicalism, digitalisation, migration, humanity’s future, and economic crises – these are all themes that the Rhodes Forum has focused on.

During this year’s Rhodes Forum, the focus was firmly on emergent trends and future challenges, as seen in the sessions on the future of humanity and the media session on ‘fake news’. Importantly, the Rhodes Forum is more than a flagship event run by a key think tank in Europe. It is part of a broader process of research and the development of policy advice that seeks to address the problems we face through impactful recommendations that can be enacted by national and international organisations.

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, throughout its time the Rhodes Forum has focused on North-South relations as the key to sustainable global development. This year that focus was further strengthened by a separate Africa summit, a leaders’ panel devoted solely to the future of Africa. Providing a platform for enhancing exchange, equally free of paternalism and accusations, between representatives from the Western and the non-Western world is a key element of the mission of DOC Research Institute.