Year-end reception at the DOC Vienna office


DOC co-founder Dr. Walter Schwimmer and DOC CEO Jean-Christophe Bas invited the friends and partners of the DOC office in Vienna to a year-end reception on 3 December.

Around 50 guests – representatives of the scientific community, religious organisations, NGOs, and diplomatic missions – came to the DOC office in Vienna and had a lively exchange of ideas about the aims, priorities, and perspectives of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute.

Numerous visitors expressed a keen interest in the activities of the DOC office in Vienna, such as the regular roundtables and especially the Viennese ‘flagship’, the intercultural festival for the UNESCO world dialogue day, ‘Kulturen bitten zu Tisch’ (‘cultures invited to the table’), which annually attracts 5,000 visitors. Around 30 nations present different culinary and cultural offerings and invite non another to dialogue.

As the seat of international organisations like the United Nations’ regional headquarters, the OSCE, OPEC, KAICIID, and others, Vienna is, as Jean-Christophe Bas pointed out, predestined for a role hosting dialogue between cultures and the search for peaceful solutions to conflict.