#MeetInMitte: DOC RI hosts lively discussion on Universal Basic Income


January 29, 2019 – The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) hosted a workshop followed by a public expert panel discussion on Universal Basic Income.

An audience of more than 90 people attended the public event at the DOC’s headquarters in Berlin, which was watched by over 300 online viewers on the DOC’s live stream. The whole discussion can be watched here:

The panel included Saratha Davala from Basic Income Network India, Karenina Schröder from Circle Blockchain and UBI, Ralf Krämer from United Services Union, Fred Harrison from the Land Research Trust and the DOC’s Klemens Witte.

Panellists presented arguments for and against UBI, and discussed the implications of these policy recommendations. Some argued that existing social security structures need to be improved rather than introducing UBI, and some discussed creative ways to implement UBI using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. All agreed that the value of UBI is prompting an important discussion on current economic policies and ways to change the current system.