DOC’s ‘My Country, Our World in 2030’ essay competition runs until 15 March


DOC’s 'My Country, Our World in 2030' essay competition runs until 15 March 2

‘My Country, Our World in 2030’, the inaugural essay competition for young Europeans organised by the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC), is open and accepting entries until 15 March, inclusive.

Coinciding with the May 2019 European elections, the contest is an opportunity for students and young people to provide insights on how they see the future of both their country and Europe more broadly.

Jean-Christophe Bas, CEO of the DOC, said: “The future of Europe therefore depends on its young people, which is why I firmly believe that they have to be the leaders not of tomorrow, but of today. The DOC has therefore launched this competition in order not just to find the continent’s brightest young talent but to give them a voice and a platform for engagement in helping to tackle the many challenges that Europe faces today”.

“Like the rest of the world, Europe today stands at a crossroads in its development, with key issues from migration and rising populism to digital inclusion and climate change demanding a response that goes far beyond the capacities of individual nation-states. Dialogue and exchange will be just as crucial to relations inside Europe as they are in relationships between the Western and the developing worlds”, Bas continued.

The competition is open to anyone under the age of 27 from member states of the Council of Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Some of the leading questions are:

  • How do you think your country will be governed and how will it be positioned in the European and global economic and political scene in 2030?
  • What are the main developments that will characterise your country and Europe in the future?
  • What do you think the words ‘world’, ‘Europe’, and ‘country’ will mean to you more than a decade from now?

The winner will receive a full scholarship to the summer school of their choice, up to a value of 3,000 EUR including travel and accommodation costs. There will be three age-category prizes – under 18, under 23, and under 27 – with laptops and iPhones awarded to the winners and runners-up in each category, respectively.

Competition winners will also be invited to the Rhodes Forum, the DOC’s flagship public event, to present their essays in front of a high-level international audience drawn from politics, diplomacy, academia, business and more.

A full list of the prizes on offer can be found along with all other relevant information and the competition T&Cs on the DOC’s website 

Essays must be submitted by midnight (contestant’s local time) on 15 March 2019. Submissions can be uploaded via the DOC’s website or emailed to: