Meet In Mitte series: DOC hosts a panel on the future of food


February 20, 2019 – The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) hosted a lively panel of experts and entrepreneurs on food sustainability, global food trends and food insecurities.

An audience of 90 people joined the public event at the DOC’s headquarters in Berlin, while the event was watched by around 500 online viewers via live stream. The whole discussion can be watched here:

The panel of experts included Jomo Kwame Sundaram, former UN Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development (2005-2012) who joined via Skype; Eva-Marie Enders from the Office for Agricultural Policy and Food Culture; Raphael Fellmer, CEO of SIRPLUS; and Christiane Sieg, CEO of Der Sache Wegen. The panel was moderated by one of DOC’s research fellows, Heather Brown.

The discussion focused on the theory and practices of sustainability in food trends. The panel began with a discussion on global food issues, food insecurities as well as aspects of malnutrition. It then looked at practical ways to promote food sustainability as discussed by the two entrepreneurs, who both run successful business that aim to reduce food waste and the use of plastic as a way of decreasing the carbon footprint.

The panelists concluded that, to build resilient food systems, the world needs a social change, not dissimilar to the social change that took place in regards to smoking, with all actors working together including policymakers, consumers and the industries. However, it will take time for such a change – and events like the DOC’s discussion contribute to this.

For more information about the businesses featured:

Der Sache Wegen  is a start-up which features supermarkets that is focused on having products plastic-free, palm oil-free, organic, regional, fair and conscious that promotes sustainability and is environmental-friendly

SIRPLUS is a social impact start-up which works to reduce food waste and brings excess food back into circulation by reselling it to promote greater sustainability and climate protection:

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