1-2 March 2019, Delphi, GreeceDr. Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) spoke at the Delphi Economic Forum, a nonprofit organization working in close cooperation with different stakeholders to promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies in Europe.

DOC’s Chairman was speaking on the panels where world order and new governance rules were in focus of the leading experts from the USA, Germany, Italy, UK and Greece. One panel was dedicated to Russia’s view of the international order where Dr. Yakunin, along with Steven Erlanger, Chief Diplomatic Correspondent at The New York Times, H.E. Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s Ambassador to the EU and Celeste Wallander, President & CEO of the US Russia Foundation among others, discussed the current and shifting of world orders.

During the discussion Dr. Yakunin pointed: “What is needed now, to my mind – is a network of regional leaders with global responsibility and respective potential. A network with shared responsibility, supported by strong institutions, that would guarantee key national interests through cooperation between major and minor powers. Regarding Eurasia, which by no means should be understood as only Europe-centric. I suggest us to think about “Eurasian Partnership” instead of “Eastern Partnership” and even about “Eurasian Collective Security” instead (or together with) North-Atlantic. Within such a framework you can find new collaborators, such as Russia, Turkey, Iran, China and India with great potential to solve problems in different parts of Eurasia. This may sound challenging, but its key to ensuring the stable and inclusive development of Eurasia in a new multilateral world.”

DOC Chairman spoke about world order and new global governance at Delphi Economic Forum 1

Another panel focused on multilateralism and new global governance rules. Together with Directors from European University Institute’s School of Transitional Governance and German Council on Foreign Relations, DOC Chairman discussed the issue and possible solutions.

During his speech, Dr. Yakunin stressed: “International relations in the world today have been substantially transformed. New players from emerging countries are re-shaping the global architecture. Perceived pitfalls and double standards of the system to-date have prompted important discussions about alternative models of global development.

He then concluded: “We at DOC believe that dialogue is key to success. Therefore, we suggest practical initiatives that might suit all parties involved in making multilateralism work. We suggest considering the opportunity of establishing International NGO networks and civil society councils to support and foster peace and multilateralism in the world’s largest emerging regions: Eurasia, China, India, Latin America and Africa”.

Delphi Economic Forum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working in close cooperation with civil society, public organizations, businesses and individuals. It engages business, political, academic, and other top experts in an effort to address emerging challenges, influence the national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies for Greece, Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

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