The Chairman of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC), Dr Vladimir Yakunin, participated in a high-level panel and gave an open lecture at the Astana Economic Forum – Central Asia’s leading platform for international dialogue – as part of an intensive visit to Kazakhstan.
Astana Economic Forum 2019, Vladimir YakuninDr Yakunin spoke during an open discussion session titled “The World Without Multilateralism?” as part of a distinguished speaker faculty including President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian, Kazakh Finance Minister Alikhan Smailov and former Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer moderated by  British historian Peter Frankopan. During the session Dr Yakunin highlighted the potential for multilateralism to serve as a tool to overcome the global crisis caused by the breakdown of globalisation processes:
I do hope for a kind of ‘multilateralism’, based on an understanding of its advantages for all. The alternative is greater crisis, which will demand a total reconstruction of the world order. What is the alternative? Should we say that the wheel of globalization must be reversed? That would be a big mistake. The opposite of globalization is the self-isolation of entire nations, the loss of general communication and return to the era of wars of all against all. The exit must be sought in another direction.
Multilateralism has been a key theme at successive editions of the Rhodes Forum, the DOC’s flagship public event, which brings together political leaders, experts, businesspeople and citizens from across the world to tackle shared global challenges. The Rhodes Forum seeks to give an equal platform to all voices from developed and emerging economies, from different cultures, ethnicities and faiths, from the traditional mainstream to new and often under-represented schools of thinking. The 17th edition of the Rhodes Forum – titled “Global (dis)order: Towards dialogue-based worldviews” – takes place on 11-12 October 2019 on the eponymous Greek island.
Dr Yakunin also gave a public lecture as part of the AEF Talks series, designed to engage young people and allow them to benefit from the practical experience and knowledge of distinguished guest lecturers under the topic “Inspiring growth: people, cities, economies”. Other AEF Talks speakers included Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus.
The Astana Economic Forum brought together more than 6 thousand global leaders and leading international experts from over 70 countries to discuss the most important problems of the world economy and develop recommendations for solving them. Keynote speakers included 2018 Nobel economics laureate Paul Romer and IMF Managing Director Christina Lagarde, Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa and Sberbank President German Gref.

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