Dr. Vladimir Yakunin speaks at Horasis Global Meeting 2019

Dr. Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of DOC Research Institute, spoke at the Plenary World Economic Outlook during the Horasis Global Meeting 2019 in Cascais, 6-9 April, focussed on the following questions:

What are the risks that may be found through 2019-2020?

What changes might bring about a New Globalization that is more sustainable and ethical? What catalysts shall inspire our future?

World experts note a slowing in the global economy, confused at times by high stock-market volatility and geo-politics.


The discussion was chaired by Robert Friedman, Senior Editor, Bloomberg News, USA, and was also joined by Uzoma Dozie, Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Bank, Nigeria. Megan Jing Li, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shanghai iMega Industry Co., China. Nandini Sukumar, Chief Executive Officer, The World Federation of Exchanges, United Kingdom


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