The Chairman and CEO of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) Vladimir Yakunin took part in the work of the T20 summit in Tokyo, strengthening the DOC’s commitment to the G20’s research and policy advice network.

The T20 – or “Think 20” – is the research and policy advice network of the G20 international forum of advanced nations. The DOC contributes to the work of the T20 alongside other leading think tanks from around the world through policy briefs and participation in summits and other events.

Developed under the T20 Japan theme “Seeking a Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient Society” and informed by evidence-based research and analysis, the summit focused on helping G20 countries tackle pressing global challenges ranging from infrastructure gaps, aging populations, and digital disruption to trade frictions and political discord, climate change and African development.

Ten task forces took part in the summit, conducting meetings and plenary panel discussions over the course of the two days to tackle pressing global issues. Dr Yakunin took part in the Task Force 4 panel session titled “Filling the Infrastructure Financing Gap – Innovative Tools To Assist Urbanization”. In this session keynote addresses were given by Amar Bhattacharya of the Brookings Institute and Shamshad Akhtar, former Executive Secretary of UNESCAP.

On the sidelines of the summit DOC spoke with representatives of T20 Saudi Arabia where the next T20 Summit will be hosted. They discussed plans for continued work to bridge the gap between the academic community and policy makers in order to encourage openness and transparency in addressing global challenges.
DOC also held talks with the delegation of CARI (Argentina Council for International Relations) about their participation in the Rhodes Forum. The 17th edition of the Rhodes Forum, titled “Global (dis)order: Towards dialogue-based worldviews”, takes place on the Greek island of Rhodes on 11-12 October 2019.