DOC Research Institute Annual Report showcases 2018-2019 achievements


The concept of ‘dialogue of civilisations’ was the backbone of the DOC’s 2018 activities and remains the core of the organisation’s research, events, policy recommendations, and advocacy work. Following the spirit of humanity, culture, and dialogue among civilisations, significant achievements were made in creating an independent space for the exchange of diverse worldviews between government, business, civil society, and academia.

The over 160 publications produced by the DOC in 2018 offered insights not only into the world´s most critical global issues, but also focused on alternative ideas and innovative solutions for these issues. From infrastructure to the migration of wealth, Africa-Europe relations to a new security architecture for Europe and beyond, 2018 proved to be a year of new ideas and solutions in a range of critical areas.

Alongside its partners, in 2018 the DOC submitted policy recommendations on behalf of the T20 for the G20 in Argentina. The DOC continues to engage in developing new approaches for sustainable and inclusive economic and social development during the G20 in Japan.

Engagement with external experts at in-house events and the participation of DOC representatives at public and scientific events around the world allowed the DOC to increase its network of partners and create new opportunities for the development of innovative ideas and models.

For details about our research publications and projects, policy outreach, and events download the full report here:

DOC Research Institute Annual Report showcases 2018-2019 achievements 1

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