Road to Rhodes: The Search for New Economic Models


It is widely agreed that at this moment in time, there is no prevailing economic model, according to DOC CEO Jean-Christophe Bas. Every world region is developing a new economic perspective in time with a profound reshuffling of economic and trade policy. The global economic framework is changing, and this year’s Rhodes Forum will explore that.

Participants will discuss the new economic dimensions and trends that they predict will prevail in coming years, as understanding this can help everyone contribute to economic prosperity and sustainability. It will also explore the future of multilateralism, especially from trade, economic, and financial perspectives. There will be a specific round table discussion on the economic models that are particularly effective in the developing world, with particular attention dedicated to exploring if there is an Asian model that could be applied more broadly.

This year’s Rhodes Forum will provide an interdisciplinary and nuanced perspective on how the economic model has and will continue to change, better preparing participants to promote sustainable economic development.

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