Road to Rhodes: Three Reasons to Attend the Rhodes Forum



There are “hundreds” of good reasons to attend this year’s Rhodes Forum, according to DOC CEO Jean-Christophe Bas, but the three key ones are the breadth of the discussions, the calibre of the participants, and the opportunity to contribute to shaping the future.
The broad picture alone sets this year’s Rhodes Forum apart.

As Bas notes, there is a new world order shaping. This year’s Rhodes Forum will be structured around a big picture approach to this new world order. It will not merely be through the lens of a single discipline like economics or politics, but will instead be a complete, interdisciplinary perspective. This breadth of view alone is a compelling reason to attend the Rhodes Forum, as there is no other institution looking at the way the world is evolving through this exceptionally broad approach.

It is also a unique opportunity to engage with the world’s best minds in an intimate, personal setting. Speakers are coming from all over the world and from varying professions and backgrounds, and they are bringing a wide breadth of knowledge and experiences with them. It is a chance to mingle and engage with the world’s most innovative minds while having the chance to think independently.
Bas notes that the forum is unique in that none of the speakers are there to represent an interest group or institution. Rather, they all come in their own personal capacity as thinkers and influencers. This year’s Rhodes Forum provides the chance to interact with a wide variety of experts in a comfortable setting. It is, after all, taking place on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes, as Bas wryly reminds us.
The Rhodes Forum also provides the opportunity to participate in shaping the future. Attending means taking part in discussions that create real-world changes, allowing individuals to take part in what Bas calls:

“the profound reshuffling of the state of the world”.

The Rhodes Forum is highly connected with governments and influential institutions that bring about change, after all.
As Bas quips,

“what will be discussed in Rhodes will not stay in Rhodes”.

Attending isn’t merely an opportunity to listen to and be lectured by some of the greatest minds in the world. It is a chance for your voice to be heard. It is an opportunity to contribute your personal views and ideas to a global dialogue.

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