Road to Rhodes: Geopolitics panel session preview


The Rhodes Forum keynote session “Examining Geopolitical World Views: Battle of Giants” will take a deep dive into how “great power politics” are again coming to dominate the global landscape, and how this will shape the world order in coming years and decades. As DOC CEO Jean-Christophe Bas notes in our latest Road to Rhodes video:

“Evidently the battle of the giants is between the United States and China, which is the way the world seems to be evolving. But is it inevitable?”

The geopolitical landscape is undergoing profound changes, with the rise of emerging economies – most notably China – rising to the status of global powers and putting the US-led unipolar model under strain. Asks Jean-Christophe Bas: “Is this radical shift of the world conducive to more peace and stability or is it leading us to a risk of conflict, a risk of inequality or whatever? I think this is what we need to be looking at.”

The DOC will convene a diverse panel of expert voices from around the world to debate questions including the prospects for cooperation or conflict between global powers, and the possibility of creating a new equilibrium and shared understanding of the world order that aligns the conflicting strategic narratives of individual powers.

As Bas says, the watchwords of the 17th Rhodes Forum are the “four ‘I’s” – the Forum is designed to be inclusive, innovative, interactive and inspiring. The DOC has a convening power to bring a range of participants around the able – whether American, Chinese, European, Latin American or from other reasons.

As Jean-Christophe Bas says:

“This is not about imposing the ideas of imposing one side or the other.”

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