Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership 1

For leading global companies and institutions seeking a closer relationship with the DOC Research Institute, and the visibility of such an association.

Corporate Membership Benefits:

  • Membership is listed in public
  • Multi-access to the E-library
  • Unlimited access to corporate members events
  • Unlimited access to members events
  • Guest invitations for events
  • Member’s monthly newsletter
  • Podcasts subscription
  • Live streaming of major events
  • Additional event attendees allowed
  • Discount on think tanks books and reports
  • Reserved seats at all events, including the Rhodes Forum
  • Invitations to VIP receptions
  • Access to research directors breakfast meetings
  • Access to think tank research events
  • Access to Chairman briefings
  • Special prices for events sponsorship

For more information please contact us via e-mail
or by phone: +49 30 209677900