The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute is an independent platform for dialogue that brings together diverse perspectives from the developed and the developing worlds in a non-confrontational and constructive spirit.


The DOC’s goal is  to forge shared world views through dialogue, and to contribute to a fair, sustainable and peaceful world order. To achieve these goals, the DOC believes that globalisation is not just about setting standards – it should have humankind, culture and civilisation at its heart.

Dialogue creates a fair and sustainable world without conflicts.


The DOC’s research aims to bridge the trust and knowledge gap, and to find innovative solutions to key issues facing the contemporary world.

The DOC focuses on three main areas:

Cultures & Civilisations

Promoting understanding and cooperation among peoples, cultures and civilisations and harmony beyond differences.


Examining inclusive, innovative and just development models that work for all.

Governance & Diplomacy

Developing policy proposals for international actors and exploring new diplomatic avenues.

As well as research the DOC focuses on:


The DOC’s research, with funding from bodies including the UN, contributes to practical policy orientation


The DOC reaches out to young people through initiatives including an essay competition and student exchange programmes


Mission 1Dialogue in practice is very important for the DOC, which is why we host several events each month to encourage vital debate and knowledge exchange.

Alongside events tied to our research themes, we also host Meet in Mitte. Our insightful new lecture series is where leading thinkers gather in the heart of Berlin to share their views. These meetings focus on three vital streams: the changing nature of Europe, new thinking on the emerging world and innovators and change makers.




Rhodes Forum

Rhodes Forum 2017 - Opening Panel

Rhodes Forum 2017 – Opening Panel

Important discussions. Influential speakers. Unmissable opportunities. The annual Rhodes Forum is our premiere event.

Held since 2003, we convene an impressive group of world-renowned politicians, academics and business people to discuss and propose solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Held on the Greek island of Rhodes each October, it is an unmissable event for those who wish to be part of the leading edge debate for our future.