How is the Institute funded?

DOC Is independent from any national government.

We fund all our activities through:

  • Membership fees
  • Contributions from the endowment fund
  • And through voluntary contributions to DOC

We really count on you!

We invite you cordially to be part of a Strategic Partnership with the DOC Research Institute, a new think-tank that will develop global concepts for some of the most pressing problems that confront our world today. Our international experts will inform you about the difference you can initiate and achieve.Yours,
Dr. Vladimir I. Yakunin
Co-Founder of the DOC Research Institute

Why Support the Institute?

Become a member of the DOC community, a community that believes that mutual understanding is the fundamental prerequisite for humankind’s inclusive development. Through ongoing research, panel discussions and publications we are thriving to explore and offer global policy makers and major multi-national corporations practical advice and solutions. A donation to DOC Research institute will have an important impact on our work and help us further our mission to

– The more diverse our funding base, the more our independence is recognized, and therefore the greater impact and acceptance our work can receive. Even a small contribution can make a real difference.


Conflicts of many kinds kill thousands of people today.  But tomorrow, if we are true to our science, we can all be part of the solution. Yes, you too!

We believe that mutual understanding is the fundamental prerequisite for humankind’s inclusive development, and that open, respectful, and equitable dialogue is essential in these times of drastic global change and uncertainty.

If you realise that global threats require long-lasting solutions that are based on truly independent, international scientific investigation, then we invite you to support the DOC Research Institute today!

MAKE a donation and make a difference –

  • you can choose to support the greatest needs, providing the greatest flexibility and ensuring the lowest administration needs or
  • by supporting a specific area of our work
    1. Fund a specific Research Project
    2. Sponsor an event
    3. Sponsor a researcher
    4. Become a member (Membership model need to be revisited)

You can also choose to make a one time donation or to become a sustainable donor through a regular gift.  As a regular donor you will automatically receive a DOC membership


Ways to Donate

Ways to make a difference in the world – for you, your children, and also for your business.

Donate Online

You can make your donation today with a valid credit card. You will be taken to our secure server, where you can make a donation right now!

Bank Transfer Method

Donations and payments to the DOC Research Institute may be executed  by bank transfer.

Please notify Mr. Carl Drexler once your bank transfer is complete.

Donate to the Endowment Fund

Donation to our endowment (Geneva, Switzerland) has the advatage of strategic long-term cooperation with special tax advantages. Contribution can be made in the form of online payment, cash, securities, or real estate.

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More about endowment

To get more information about donation and sponsorship opportunities for our events and research, please contact Mr. Carl Drexler.

Support 3
You are always welcome to get in touch with us directly
Carl Drexler
Fundraising Director
Tel: +49 30 2096 77900