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Behrooz Gharleghi

Senior Researcher, DOC Research Institute

Behrooz Gharleghi has had several academic positions. He worked as an associate professor at the Faculty of Business and Management, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia, from 2013 to 2018 and he served as the head of the Graduate School of Business at the university for 2017. He is currently an affiliate research professor at the CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School, Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Peru. He has been a senior lecturer of Business and Economics at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia, a lecturer at Linton University College, Malaysia, and a lecturer at Payame-Noor University, Iran. He has published several articles in the area of financial economics, monetary economics, business, and management. He has led on and collaborated in various internal and external research projects, especially from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Recently he received the 'Outstanding Researcher in Economics' award from the Venus International Foundation's 'Venus International Research Awards' in India in October 2017. He holds a PhD in Economics from the Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia, a Master’s degree in Economic Sciences from Azad University, Iran, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ashrafi/Isfahan University, Iran.

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