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Ekaterina Gerus

Ekaterina Gerus

Chief Operations Officer of Doc Research Institute

Ekaterina Gerus oversees finance, human resources and administration issues of DOC Research Institute being also responsible for Endowment for DofC Foundation set up in 2013 in Switzerland to ensure financial stability of DOC projects.Ekaterina Gerus is a financier with more than 10 years’ experience in the sphere of management and finance, both for commercial organizations and NGOs. She has worked in a number of investment banks and financial institutions in Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Great Britain. Professional activity includes working for KPMG, Renaissance Capital and Uralsib banks. In 2009 she started working for NGOs. Since 2012 she managed the Endowment Foundation of the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” in Russia, ISTOKI Endowment fund and charitable foundations in Switzerland. She has a Master’s degree in Finance from Cass Business School in London, as well as a diploma from the State University of Management in Moscow.

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