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Vladimir Fortov

Vladimir Fortov

Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2013 - 2017), DOC Research Institute Board Member

Born in Russia in 1946, Professor Vladimir E. Fortov has been President of the Russian Academy of Sciences since his appointment in 2013.Since 2013 he has also held the positions of Vice Chairman of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the UN Secretary-General.He was appointed Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Joint Institute for High Temperatures in 2007. He is on the Supervisory Board of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he has been a Professor and Director of High Energy Physics since 1991.He served as Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology from 1996-1997, and from 1997 to 1998 as Minister of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation.He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1968 and continued with his graduate studies – completing a PhD in Strongly Coupled Plasma Physics in 1971 He was awarded his Doctorate for work on intense shock and detonation waves in 1976, and in 1978 he received his Professor’s degree.He is a respected scientist whose work has a profound impact on the modern state of physics and engineering science in fields such as energy, space science, high energy density physics, extreme states of matter, thermal properties of materials, low temperature plasmas, the interaction of intense energy fluxes with matter, combustion and explosion. His research has fundamental significance for the development of impulse and industrial power engineering, astrophysics, controlled thermonuclear synthesis and rocket technology. Professor Vladimir Fortov and his Institute were involved in the international Russian, French, German, and Hungarian space project VEGA to investigate Halley’s comet. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, and of the Max Planck Society.

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