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Yu Keping

Yu Keping

Dean of Government School, Peking University, and the Head of PKU Centre for Chinese Politics

Dr. YU Keping is Director of the Center for Chinese Government Innovations at Peking University, Director of the Institute of Political Development at Tsinghua University and Director of the China Center for Global Governance and Development (CCGGD). He was a visiting professor or senior fellow at many top universities, including Freie Universität Berlin and Harvard University.His fields of expertise include political philosophy, comparative politics, globalization, civil society, governance and politics in China. Among his many books are Governance and Rule of Law in China (ed., Brill, 2012) and Democracy Is A Good Thing (Brookings, 2010). As a leading intellectual in China, Professor Yu was selected as one of the “30 most influential figures in the past 30 years since the reform in China” in 2008 and ranked 19 in “2011 Global Top 100 Thinkers” by Foreign Policy magazine.

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