Austria, Germany and their relations with Russia

Relations between Russia and the West remain at an all-time low, oscillating between stagnation and new waves of confrontation. Existing mechanisms of cooperation have...
material power

How do you manage a global world without strong universal ideas?

The world is now facing a set of new realities that have emerged for the first time in history. If material power is categorised...
US hegemony

(Re) constructing hegemonies

The DOC’s new project, ‘(Re) constructing hegemonies’, is conceptualised around four interlocking processes which – we assume – shape the new economic and political...
democratic capitalism

Democratic capitalism and its discontents

Fifteen world-renowned scholars gathered at Berlin’s Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) to discuss problems related to what the organiser of the conference had...

Failure of economics? Or the failure of (some) economists?

It is widely known that economists failed to predict the Great Recession of 2008-09. It is less widely known that economists can never predict...

Barbarians crossed the gate: Fighting terrorism as a modern crime

Terrorism, in its different forms, is a defining feature of modern life for people in cities, towns, and villages across the world. Fear of...

Is a solution for managing migration finally here?

Migration has become a hallmark of the 21st century. It is a topic that, according to International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Director General William...

’Effectiveness’ as a religion: Will statistics supersede the humane?

As humans, we have the most exquisite ability to understand, analyse, and systematise the world around us. Our predisposition to seek patterns is a...

“We are not aggressive”

The German foreign affairs politician Norbert Röttgen and Putin intimus Vladimir Yakunin discuss the Russian retreat from the European peace order, different mentalities among...
dialogue, world cultures, cultural diversity

The world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

21 of May has been the world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development since 2001. Since 2008, the World Public Forum ‘Dialogue...