“We are not aggressive”

The German foreign affairs politician Norbert Röttgen and Putin intimus Vladimir Yakunin discuss the Russian retreat from the European peace order, different mentalities among...
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The world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

21 of May has been the world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development since 2001. Since 2008, the World Public Forum ‘Dialogue...

A human-oriented approach to the measurement of economic performance and social progress

The setting of development goals at both global and local levels, as well as their practical monitoring and evaluation, is once again in the...

UNESCO Survey 2017

The UNESCO Survey on intercultural dialogue 2017 sought to evaluate the conceptual understanding of intercultural dialogue across member states and the extent to which...
Deploying military force will not ease the tensions on the Korean peninsula. (Credit: Wacharaklin/Bigstock)

Building a new reality for the Korean peninsula takes grit, skill, and commitment

Globalization is all about dismantling inherited barriers to interaction. International collaboration within the expert community forms the broader foundations for political cooperation. Xi Jinping’s speech at this year’s Davos Forum stressed how globalization must mean stripping away barriers to economic cooperation. At the...
March for Europe in London, July 2016. (Credit: Alex/Flickr)

Austria and the EU Council presidency

Those who watched the annual New Year’s Day concert at the Wiener Musikverein saw the Austrian President, Alexander Van Der Bellen, welcome two heads...
French populism: The challenge of Islam. (Credit: hadrian/Bigstock)

The importance of being honest: Values delusion or how fake news creates fake history

Had Professor Francis Fukuyama written his book The End of History today, he might instead have chosen the title ‘The End of Diplomacy’. That...
Museum Island, Berlin. (Credit: rudi1976/Bigstock)

Elements of a road map for European security

Moscow and Berlin continue to sharply disagree on many critical international matters. After the Ukraine crisis, ‘business as usual’ has been impossible and will...
Automation may change the way we work, but will it affect all of us equally? (Credit: bestdesign36/Bigstock)

Will Artificial Intelligence decide over life or death in the near future?

Self-driving vehicles operated by intelligent algorithms, carrying people to their destinations safely and with ease, have long been a desirable innovation. Today, from a...
Desperation in Syria is growing. (Credit: zurijeta/Bigstock)

The heyday of power politics in Syria

Within a few years the Syrian Arab Republic has become a textbook example of power politics, but in a more modern and sophisticated form....