Big data in China: From myth to political economy

Big data: A contested mythical narrative in a developing country Similar to in other parts of the world, big data entered China as a technical...

China’s media in Africa: Expansion, perception, and reception

Chinese media has increased its footprint in Africa in recent years, which is widely seen as a way for China to extend its ‘soft...
Cultural Diversity

Culture in the Age of Globalisation

(I) The Dynamics of Cultural Identity in the Global Context For today’s citizen, “globalization” has come to mean an ever more complex system of interdependence...
Western Balkans

The EU and the Western Balkans: A region of opportunities, not only of risks

Over recent years, the EU agenda and policy debate on the Western Balkans seem to have been in a conundrum. On one hand, the...

Paradoxes of happiness

There is evidence that income and wealth inequalities are positively associated with happiness, as measured by the happiness index, and negatively associated with suicide...
reshoring, reindustrialisation, US, China, location theory, manufacturing, economy, society, Trump, election, growth, productivity, land prices, employment, shipping

Re-industrialisation in the US; de-globalisation in China?

The United States was once a country renowned for its manufacturing capabilities but it experienced a decline in its manufacturing sector after 1980. A...
life expectancy, mortality, alcohol consumption, Russia, Soviet Union, communism, transition, transformation, economics, divorce, depopulation, stress, Eastern Europe

Mortality and life expectancy in post-communist countries

The transition to the market economy and democracy in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries in the 1990s caused a dramatic increase in...

The president, the professor, and the resolution of the Italian political crisis

Despite probably being the single most widely criticised act by an Italian President, Sergio Mattarella´s veto on 27 May, which had resulted in postponing...
Guangzhou, China

Making and breaking social capital: The paradox of China’s social credit system

The Chinese government is engaged in a major mass-surveillance initiative, to become fully operational by the year 2020. It has been subject to varied...
philosophical anthropology

Scientific approaches in the age of anthropological crisis

The modern era has bestowed various titles on cultural, social, and philosophical research: ‘death of the subject’; ‘anthropological catastrophe’; and ‘the end of history’...