art market

The art market as an outlet for wealth accumulation and mobility

Liquid capital circulating around the globe is being channeled into financial markets, real estate, luxuries, and increasingly, the art market, the main focus of...

Hiding financial wealth: The role of tax havens

Although there is no universally accepted definition of tax havens/special tax jurisdictions, they share at least three common features: (a) low or zero taxation of...

Global mobility of the wealthy: Push and pull factors

The global 1% face at least three critical decisions in a volatile world with varying national conditions and geopolitical risks: (a) in which countries/cities...
Angelos Pangratis

Angelos Pangratis: The WTO and the ‘paradox of multilateralism’

Angelos Pangratis was formerly an EU ambassador to the WTO and currently serves as an advisor on EU economic diplomacy. He has also contributed...
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The never-ending dead-end in Syria

This article was written prior to President Trump’s announcement that the US will withdrawal its troops from Syria. The Syrian crisis, which has been going...
platform cooperatives

Nathan Schneider: Platform cooperatives in the digital age

Cooperatives have existed for a long time. People build cooperatives in order to pool their knowledge and resources to achieve certain goals; goals which...
infrastructure development

A bridge to riches: When infrastructure makes nations prosper

There can be little doubt that despite the far-reaching influence of globalisation, modern nation-states retain key actors when it comes to infrastructure development. National...

Without responsible leadership, there is no change

Held under the theme ‘Making multilateralism work: Enhancing dialogue on peace, security, and development’ on the island of Rhodes, Greece, on 5-6 October 2018,...
postcolonial state

Hegemony and resistance in postcolonial India

Introduction What are the current discourses and practices of hegemony and counter hegemony in world politics? Scholars from four continents gathered at the Dialogue of...
Rhodes Forum

The Rhodes Forum – shaping policy through dialogue

Every year, in early autumn, people from diverse walks of life descend on the Greek island of Rhodes. This year's event, held 5-6 October, is...