UNESCO Survey 2017

The UNESCO Survey on intercultural dialogue 2017 sought to evaluate the conceptual understanding of intercultural dialogue across member states and the extent to which...

How the Soviet elite lost faith in socialism in the 1980s

As early theoreticians of socialism believed, a centrally planned economy organised rationally – the whole society working as one single plant – should be...
Remains of the iron curtain in the Czech Republic. (Credit: phbcz/Bigstock)

A new Cold War or can we move from ‘lose-lose’ to ‘win-win’?

Talk of a ‘new Cold War’ once seemed alarmist, but today it is fast becoming rooted in a new reality, a new mentality of...
platform cooperatives

Nathan Schneider: Platform cooperatives in the digital age

Cooperatives have existed for a long time. People build cooperatives in order to pool their knowledge and resources to achieve certain goals; goals which...
Shanghai, China. (Credit: Aylandy/Bigstock)

Cornerstones of the BRICS development strategy: Outlining the world of the future

At a time when the durability of existing international relations systems is being questioned, the need for alternative models of global development is clear,...
digital technology

Try it! Neural networks for art and a dialogue of cultures

Recent advances in digital technology have undoubtedly changed the art world forever, whether or not those with a more traditional approach approve of these...
A country's development of nuclear power is testament to its energy self-sufficiency. (Credit: Nordroden/Bigstock)

Three models of nuclear policy: From protectionism to discrimination

In July 2017, the French company EDF decided to shut down the reactors of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant (NPP) in Alsace. It is...

’Effectiveness’ as a religion: Will statistics supersede the humane?

As humans, we have the most exquisite ability to understand, analyse, and systematise the world around us. Our predisposition to seek patterns is a...
March for Europe in London, July 2016. (Credit: Alex/Flickr)

Austria and the EU Council presidency

Those who watched the annual New Year’s Day concert at the Wiener Musikverein saw the Austrian President, Alexander Van Der Bellen, welcome two heads...
The German Bundestag. (Credit: c_73/Bigstock)

The beginning of the end or just a pyrrhic victory?

Without a doubt, the CDU/CSU bloc won the German federal elections despite heavy losses and will form a new coalition government under the old...