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IoT will take us all on a journey. (Credit: mindscanner/Bigstock)

The advancement of the Internet of Things on a large scale

On 12 January 2017 , the US Department of Commerce released a report proposing steps the department can take to advance the Internet of...
Berlin, Germany. (Credit: style-photographs/Bigstock)

Think 20: Collecting insights for the G20 summit

On the threshold of the upcoming G20 summit in Germany, experts from all over the world are going to speak up again. The members...
Cyberwar can be far more dangerous than conventional warfare. (Credit: 4ivers/Bigstock)

Dreadful silent war

When we talk about war, we usually picture exploding bombs, tanks, military aircraft, and thousands of deaths. But when we talk about cyber-war, we...
The Occupy Wall Street movement in California, October 2011. (Credit: Dan Schreiber/Bigstock)

Is Donald Trump’s protectionist policy to ‘Make America Great Again’, the right way to compensate those left behind by globalisation?

For a long time, mainstream economists were convinced that free trade and globalisation would benefit everyone. Recently, populist parties and leaders have increasingly been...
Desperation in Syria is growing. (Credit: zurijeta/Bigstock)

The Syrian settlement: Another attempt

The meeting in Astana is unlikely to lead to the solution of the Syrian crisis, but the very readiness of competing actors in Syria...
Zygmunt Bauman. (Credit: UOC_Universitat/Flickr)

A tribute to Zygmunt Bauman

A term as strange as it is intruiging will likely be Zygmunt Bauman’s most lasting legacy: liquid modernity. The eminent Polish sociologist and philosopher...
Unpredictability remains in US-Russia relations. (Credit: pressmaster/Bigstock)

US-Russia reset: Superficial or substantial?

In a seemingly brazen, though on reflection not a very convincing move, outgoing US President Barack Obama surprised the world when, two days before...