The United Nations building in New York. (Credit: palinchak/Bigstock)

Never again: Demands for a new global security architecture

From its very beginning, the system of collective security established under the United Nations Charter has been dysfunctional. In the post-World War Two era, global...
Yandex Taxi

Self-exploitation or working time autonomy? Yandex Taxi drivers in Moscow

The ride-sharing business is at the forefront of today’s expanding digital economy. Because of the large numbers working in the sector, it is having...
Collective rights should be reconceptualised. (Credit:

Collective rights as a potential source for peace, harmony, and well-being in the global community

This article reconceptualises collective rights through five social constructionist lenses (see for example, Searle, 1995; Hacking, 1999; Gergen, 2009), including a shift from an...
British citizens protest in Trafalgar Square against the referendum results of the UK leaving the EU (Credit: melis/Bigstock)

Hubris and hope: Alternatives to the clash of world orders

The shape of politics is shifting. In France, the country that invented the left-right binary almost 250 years ago, the centre-left and the centre-right...
Debate at the European Commission, July 2014. (Credit: European Parliament/Flickr)

Smaller and larger nations: A fair balance of interests?

The destiny of Europe has been shaped for many years by the interests of great powers. For centuries, the Russian, Ottoman, and Habsburg empires,...
Central Asian countries

Changes in the geographical structure of trade in Central Asia

In the 1980s, six former southern republics of the USSR (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan), like other former Soviet republics, traded very...

Why does an impoverished India produce a globally mobile wealthy class?

This commentary focuses on late industrialisation as a point of entry to explain why India, notwithstanding its multiple institutional challenges with a large impoverished...
Behind the Great Firewall. (Credit: Mike Licht/Flickr)

The new multipolarity of the digital future

For a long time, a drastic new chapter for civil society –  digitalisation – was indelibly linked to the United States. The socio-normative force...
Western Balkans

The EU and the Western Balkans: A region of opportunities, not only of risks

Over recent years, the EU agenda and policy debate on the Western Balkans seem to have been in a conundrum. On one hand, the...
The Wall Street Bull in the financial district in Manhattan, New York. (Credit: Sam valadi/Flickr)

Financial capitalism and the future

Donald Trump’s election victory can be seen as the culmination of a series of events including the May 2016 presidential elections in the Philippines...