Austria and the EU Council presidency

Those who watched the annual New Year’s Day concert at the Wiener Musikverein saw the Austrian President, Alexander Van Der Bellen, welcome two heads...

Elements of a road map for European security

Moscow and Berlin continue to sharply disagree on many critical international matters. After the Ukraine crisis, ‘business as usual’ has been impossible and will...

European and Russian migration policy in perspective

“There is nothing permanent except change” wrote Greek philosopher Heraclitus. The world is currently being transformed at an accelerated rate, involving more and more...
Nostalgia for American dominance. Tel Aviv, March 2018. (Credit: Joel Schalit/Flickr)

A wake-up call for Europe

European politics and Europe’s position in the world are confronted by severe challenges. In security terms, the fair-weather option of the last 25 years,...
Wolfgang Ischinger, chairperson of the Munich Security Conference. (Credit: OSCE Photstream/Flickr)

Beyond the Munich Security Conference

It is worth remembering that the two major semi-governmental elite gatherings, the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Munich Security Conference, started off...
French populism: The challenge of Islam. (Credit: hadrian/Bigstock)

The European project in psychological perspective

Ever since World War Two, a dominant goal in Western European (and American) politics has been to realise a peaceful, thriving Europe that could...
Frank-Walter Steinmeier welcomes Sergey Lavrov at the 23rd OSCE Ministerial Council in Germany. Hamburg, December 2016. (Credit: Golden Brown/Bigstock)

Restarting the dialogue for European peace?

Anyone who wishes to make a realistic judgment of the chances for a successful, European-led initiative to resolve worldwide geopolitical tensions must begin by...